#22: Why Most Marketing Fails

Most brands waste extraordinary amounts of money on marketing. In this episode, we’ll share two simple things you can do to flip the switch and start seeing more sales almost immediately. Tune in to learn why clarity trumps cleverness and we’ll even review a few top aftermarket brand websites to see if their marketing is hurting or helping their brand.

#11: Consumers: The Most Important Voice In Your Marketing, with Jason Ehrlich @ Yonder

What is the most important voice you should be listening to in your business, if you truly want to grow? Is it the sales team or engineering? Is it your distributor partners or jobbers? Is it the marketing guru, the CMO or Vice President of Marketing?

Today on the podcast, we’re going to talk to Jason Ehrlich, President of Yonder, a brand and product launch agency that specializes in the automotive aftermarket. We’ll discuss the importance of consumer-level market research and the impact it should have on your brand.

Show Notes