#13: SEMA Councils, Women in the Aftermarket & Enthusiast Brands, with Lee Riser @ Truck Hero

What benefit does networking have on your career or on your brand? What’s it like to be a marketing manager for enthusiast brands, particularly in the off-road segment?

Today on the podcast, Lee Riser from Truck Hero talks about her experiences on SEMA Councils, building enthusiast brands, and more on our finale episode for season one.

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#12: ACES & PIES Made Easy, with Michael Chapin @ PartsHub

Have you struggled to effectively and efficiently manage your ACES and PIES product data? Do you find yourself still using spreadsheets or downstream systems like SEMA Data Coop or DCi to create and manage this information? The problem, for years, has been the lack of a great off-the-shelf solution that met all the needs of manufacturers and resellers alike.

Today on the podcast, we’re going to be discussing the challenges facing the aftermarket when creating and managing ACES and PIES data. We’ll also learn about how a new software called PartsHub is bridging the gap and making managing the product catalog easier for everyone.

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#11: Consumers: The Most Important Voice In Your Marketing, with Jason Ehrlich @ Yonder

What is the most important voice you should be listening to in your business, if you truly want to grow? Is it the sales team or engineering? Is it your distributor partners or jobbers? Is it the marketing guru, the CMO or Vice President of Marketing?

Today on the podcast, we’re going to talk to Jason Ehrlich, President of Yonder, a brand and product launch agency that specializes in the automotive aftermarket. We’ll discuss the importance of consumer-level market research and the impact it should have on your brand.

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#9: Becoming an Innovative Brand, with Michael Hall @ Hall Labs

How do you come up with innovative ideas and bring them to market as products? How do you make sure you’re developing products that your customers actually want?

Today on the podcast, we’re going to talk with Michael Hall about how he comes up with innovative ideas at Hall Labs, a modern day Edison Lab, with products in the automotive aftermarket.

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#8: The #1 Way Consumers Will Find Your Brand

Search engines are the number one way consumers will look for your brand, according to the latest SEMA Market Research report. What can we do as automotive aftermarket brands to maximize this opportunity and make sure that our websites are positioned to get the most traffic possible.

Today on the podcast, we’re going to discuss the top 3 things you should be doing to maximize search engine traffic.

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#6: Creating an Automotive Brand Website: It’s Not About the Website

What are the components that make an automotive aftermarket brand website successful? Is it the design? Is it the functionality? Is it the beauty? Is it the content?

Today on the podcast, we’re going to discuss what makes a website successful in the automotive aftermarket. Ryan will also reveal the top ten things he’s learned over the last 18 years that brand builders can use for building a profitable website.

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The Top Ten List (in no particular order)

  1. Mobile First Design
  2. Clarity Trumps Clever
  3. Clear Call-To-Action
  4. Educate First
  5. It’s Not About You
  6. Have a Vision and Plan
  7. Measure + Optimize
  8. Kaizen
  9. Use People
  10. Simplicity Wins

#2: Become a Strategic Brand: 3 Things You NEED To Do

What’s the most important thing you should do as a brand builder? How do you know what you should spend your time, money and resources on?

Today on the podcast, we’re going to talk about becoming a strategic brand and the three things you NEED to create to become a strategic brand. Tune in to find out what those are and how to do it.

Simon Sinek’s Ted Talk on “Start With Why”

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#1: How to Win with Distributors, with Tim Odom @ The AAM Group

Are you trying to get your product picked up by distributors? Are you already selling through distribution and want to know how to maximize your sales? Then this episode is for you.

Today on the podcast, we’re going to talk with Tim Odom, President at The AAM Group, about how we can better partner with distributors, become more appealing, and help grow into being the brand of choice

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