#12: ACES & PIES Made Easy, with Michael Chapin @ PartsHub

Have you struggled to effectively and efficiently manage your ACES and PIES product data? Do you find yourself still using spreadsheets or downstream systems like SEMA Data Coop or DCi to create and manage this information? The problem, for years, has been the lack of a great off-the-shelf solution that met all the needs of manufacturers and resellers alike.

Today on the podcast, we’re going to be discussing the challenges facing the aftermarket when creating and managing ACES and PIES data. We’ll also learn about how a new software called PartsHub is bridging the gap and making managing the product catalog easier for everyone.

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#7: Transforming Your Product Data, with Kevin Martin @ COMP Performance Group

The unsung hero in many organizations is the Product Data Manager. This is the person or team responsible for managing and distributing the product catalog in its various formats, including the ACES and PIES data exchange standards.

Today on the podcast, we’re going to talk with Kevin Martin, Product Data Manager at COMP Performance Group, to learn how he helped transform the product catalog and the data process for the 9 brands and over 20,000 items he manages. Tune in to see how you can potentially turn a 40-hour-a-week process into one that can be managed in just a few hours, freeing you or your team to be able to focus on other important priorities.

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